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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summers here yayy....wait what, Its allready over???????

How does 3mo just slip by you??? Oh yeahhh FARMING:)

Our good life, is good, but sometimes it over runs us!! I am just going to give the quick rundown of our summer.

TO MUCH RAIN. We are having a whole lotta trouble getting 2nd cut up, the rain which is so nice for dryland beans, is NOT so nice for alfalfa sitting in the winrow in the field.....can't have it all I suppose:)

Fair time, it always kreeps up on us DOUBLE QUICK..the boys did good, the judge didn't like there steers quite as much this year, but we made it through another summer, the boys worked hard and thats good enough for me..Besides the buyers like them!

THANK YOU ~ Keesee Motor, and Cruzan Irrigation for supporting our 4H!!!

Riley is taking a break, kids and steers were exhausted!

Ty and Redneck:)

This poor steer, it was the entertainment, this was sale day and he didn't sell so Jake and Tierah played on him ALL day, layed on him, climbed on him, he was a very good natured steer!!!
My Grandma Annie(Hannie as the grandkids all called her) Passed away..for her it was time, for the rest of us, not so much. My dad couldn't handle another day of sitting in the hospital waiting for that dreaded moment that was unnstoppable..so I took his spot. It was very hard, reminded me of my Mom, and the long hours that passed full of pain, and hope, and anxiety, and, and, and....BUT..I have to say that I am so thankful that I was blessed to be a part of that day(sounds odd I know but let me explain)...My grandparents would have been married 70 yrs this year..right I know ..WOW.. and everytime my Grandma would start to get peacefull, my Grandad would bend down and give her a kiss, and tell her "I love you Ma" she would instantly respond..not with words, but she responded. This is the life and LOVE that I can only hope and dream about!
Granmda Hannie you are missed, We love you!!!!
Summer went fast kids are starting school. My baby..Big Jake is headed to Kindergarten..aghhh his poor teacher, I should get a job there because I know she will be calling me daily anyways..No I'm not kidding!!! Riley is playing football, soley to get in shape for Wrestling, but it keeps him busy. Ty is just ready for school, he is my little bookworm, loves to learn and takes it all in!
I wish the school would understand that its still farming season, Riley is such a great help, and when he is gone we ALL feel it!!!

We did manage to squeeze out a BBQ, it was fun ~ these girls are part of what completes my life, Every girl has to have a girlfriend and I am oh so lucky enough to have quite a few really good ones!
Happy end of summer and beginning of Fall...lets hope for good weather to finish off the farm season!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The good life:)

With spring time comes alot of work, but work can always be made fun! Its nice to be outside, with family and watching people do what they love makes it even more enjoyable! Brandon loves work - most people complain about it, but Brandon will always tell you "well what else are you going to do besides work?" SO we have learned to play while working and the life we live is a very busy one, but its ours and we love it!!! And we are very greatful to Brandon for the hard work that he does to provide us with the best life!!

My boys, they love playing outside in the dirt, messing with the cows, and just being BOYS, who needs video games when you have dirt and sunshine!!

I loved this calf he was so clean and calm, Brandon did a good job on the Brand to:)

I love this picture, Nothing but hardworking cowboys, no flare, no showoff, just hardworking honest, humble cowboys!!

Haha Brandon acted like he was Branding the dog ~ NO HE REALLY DIDN"T ~

:) Thats my wonderful husband of 13 years, I can't believe it, we grumble, complain, laugh, scream, and just sit around in silence. He is my rock and I couldn't imagine a life without him. Nothing is easy but I wouldn't be married to anyone else!

Mothers day went by in a quick blurrr. We put siderolls together, and changed water, and worked on the mesa, but its what we do every year. I missed the taking my mom to Breakfast - I was a little saddened when I woke up because I wasn't in any hurry to get my water changed and get to town. But I do know my mom is in such a wonderful place and she had a wonderful Mothers Day!!
Happy Spring and Summer to everyone!
I am greatful for all of you in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring 2010

We went camping over Easter weekend, it was so fun - the boys had a blast! They got to ride horses and mess around in the dirt, they made a cooking rock and cooked hamburgers on it:)
Thanks Brandon for taking the time to take us, We love you and you make our lives WONDERFUL!

Riley on Dietz, Poor James, he has lost his horse to Riley:) Thanks James we love ya!!

Ty on one of Tommys horses - we kept calling him Blue Duck from LonesomeDove haha he didn't think it was funny:)

Jake loved to ride, this horse is so old and slow and small it was perfect for him, everytime the horse would run Jake would just giggle and say whoaaa. To much fun!!

Just had to add this picture, I love it but its a heart breaker!! Dad and Wrangler at Wrangs prom - two of my most favorite men!
It has been almost 6mo since my mom passed and the things we have learned, and the things that have affected us hit us daily when we least expect it. I cried like a baby at the prom, my mom LOVED Wrangler, and she bragged on him and bragged on him, I know she saw him with the best seat in the house but....Poor Wrang when we walked out of the auditorium he saw me crying and just gave me a hug. He has more strengh than any 16yr old boy should have to have. He makes my heart ache and proud at the same time. He truly is a miracle in our lives, and he is where he is today because the lord knew how much he would be needed!
I have realized the people in my life who I thought would be there and aren't, who I knew wouldn't be there except when they had to be and they weren't, and the people who never left my side with love, acceptance, and its ok cry for no reason, I'm here! I am greatful for the people in my life, and the love that my mom taught me. Tell people you love them everyday you can't ever get it back!!
I hope everyone has a happy Spring and COME ON SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am blessed!

It seems like the snow is not going to stop this year at all - Riley keeps saying its going to be and Indian Winter.
It was fun for a while, but I am ready for spring and all that it brings, I am ready to be outside and be done with Tax season and spend some extra time with the boys(Brandon included!!)

I do believe we got a little snow??

We did enjoy a little of it, look at me rolling down the hill in the tubes, it was fun (dizziing) but fun!! We had a great day with some really good friends!!

Heres Jake, LOVED LOVED LOVED to roll down the hill like this, he couldn't get enough!! I have some more of the othe boys, I just need to load them on my computer:)

Ok, please please please stop snowing!!

AHHHH such a good picture, you might wonder why?? Anthony Taveira(Jennifer Olivers Husband) Ran in the Romp to Stomp Breast Cancer Snow Shoe Race in Frisco, Co - he raced in my moms Memory. Then they sent me this picture I knew he was doing the race, but I didn't know he would put my moms name to it.
Its times like these that reminds me of the people in my life and how blessed I am, and I know daily that I am blessed but some people just have that extra give, that extra ~ hey your important and I'm putting you first, and I am so lucky to have so many of those people in my life!!
Thanks Anthony and Jenn you make my life so much better, and make me want to be a better person!! So does alot of other people, so Thank you to all of you!
I love my boys, my husband, My dad, and all my family! I AM BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


God works in mysterious ways, and if you look even when there is darkness or sorrow, there are still blessings, you just have to be willing to look for them.

My mom had a sister(same dad) and through circumstances beyond there control they did not know about each other until much later in life. My mom was horrible at correspondance, but she did talk about Tami. Ohh yess sorry!! Tami Kint is her name. They spoke, and kept in touch and I think we met her once or twice when we were much much MUCH younger. When my mom passed we knew we had to find her. It was truly by the grace of god that we found her(my moms aunt had called to check on her, having no idea she had passed, and she called Tami-I think its all still a little fuzzy and confusing). Tami hopped on the first plane out, and we have been in contact ever since.

She is married to Adam Kint she lives in Folsom, Ca. Evidently along with an Aunt, I have 3 cousins~Meridith, Haley, and Matt.

Aunt Tami, and Haley:)

Matt(the man)

Meredith and her boyfriend Cory:)
Unfortunatly I have yet to meet the cousins, it is a very VERY strong goal of mine to get together with this wonderful new family sometime this year!!
Tami came with open arms, heart, and mind. I know she has met my dad but it has been many years, but she was a trooper - came right into our home, and blended quite nicely. She has a good sense of humor, as well as a quiet peacefulness about her. I love to email her because she has been a good judge of charachter(she must have watched us all a bit when she was in cortez) and she has us all pretty pegged!
She has many words of wisdom that I enjoy - and bit by bit we are learning about each other. I love people and family and am truly enjoying this part of my moms life - that unfortunatly for her, she did not get to enjoy near as much as she should have.
I miss you mom, and never a day goes by that I don't wish I could call you! I love you!
Thanks Aunt Tami for being willing to be a part of our lives - We are truly BLESSED!
I love you Aunt Tami!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Adding pictures on this thing is so much smarter than me, so bear with me I'm just going to go down the line with them:)
Bringing cows down of the mountain - I watch riley and i see what a big kid he is now, it makes me sad and proud all at the same time. Being the oldest he has the most responsiblities as well as usually takes the brunt of the trouble - I know how can that be??- But he makes me proud!!

Riley wrestled this year it was his first year, he didn't win many matches but he still did really well. He wrestled at 120# and most of the boys he wrestled have been doing this for many, many, MANY years so I am proud - matt time, thats what he needs!!

So ya, still no order in the pictures SORRY:( Here is my wonderful Dad - whom evertime I see him now I cry and smile. He is our rock when he should be the weak one right now. I LOVE YOU DAD!!! He is the true meaning of Cowboy, he is humble, quiet, hardworking, honest - he just gets his work done and goes home. My dad birthday was December 6th, that also would have been him and my moms anniversary. I called him and said i was going to make dinner, told him I would probably be down to the house by 5:30 or so - when I got there he had dinner all made - IT WAS SO GOOD!!

Dad and Brandon leading cows, it was a cold cold day coming off the mountain but Dad enjoyed Brandons company - they get along well and when Dad needs something else to think about Brandon is good company, they can talk cows, and horses, and hay, and farmer stuff - What would I do without these two???

Brandon on Shorty, what can I say this man is the greatest - also the most Handsome:):)

AhhhhHHHH He makes my heart melt:)

This really isn't the best picture but they wouldn't stand still long enough I laughed and laughed we were in Gallup selling hay and here was Brandon and James, both in black cowboy hats, wrangler denim jackets, and the same type of leather hay chaps - HMMMMM could they be brothers?? These two are stuck together, but I wouldn't have it any other way - James is the perfect brother, brother-in-law and Uncle!!!
Our lives have been very busy, which is good. I still miss my mom more than I could have ever imagined. I am ready for a new year.
Happy Holidays to all of you, and i am blessed that you are all in my life!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am truly blessed to have the mother I did. She was caring, funny, loveable, sometimes grouchy, and always helped others!! Ohhh how she loved the grandkids - Jake still thinks she will get well and come home. I don't know how to explain death to my children, I know they know but understanding is a whole different story. And my dad, i wish I could make the pain go away for my Dad and Wrangler. I know there house is very quiet now. And I know they have to work it out, but i still wish I could take there pain away. Her and my dad were great together, they grouched around alot, but thats just who they were - they complimented each other well. I always laughed growing up because if we did anything wrong and had to go home and explain, my mom believed anything and everything we told her and my dad believed NOTHING - so somewhere in the middle they came to pretty much the real story. My mom was the mediator I guess maybe all moms are.

I am still wondering how something so natural can hurt so bad? I keep saying that dying only sucks for the ones left behind. I know that my mom is in a much greater place, but the selfish part of me still wants her here.
I miss her so much and its only been a week. I love you mom and will miss our daily talks - we always used to talk, laugh and complain about things, life, and sometimes people:) she would always say "well if only the world were as wonderful as you and me, we would get along great" and yes she was being sarcastic, but we laughed alot!! I talked to my mom everyday, I am actually kind of feeling sorry for my dad because now he has had to talk to me everyday:)
During this difficult time though I need to let you all know how much i appreciate each and every one of you! So many people gave time out of there day to go out of there way for our family and it is heartwarming, to say the least!!
I could guarantee on some, and a few surprised me(sorry but they did) but it made my heart a little happier with each person that called or wrote. I'm not a very sentimental person, my dad always said you could only cry on the day of funerals because our life has to go on(that changed a bit-not much-but a bit this time around) and alot of you knew me and how I wanted to deal with it which is don't talk about it and go on. But I do have to say the love that was thrown my way was GREATLY WANTED AND APPRECIATED. I don't feel like I couldn't thank any of you enough!!!
I also have to give a special thanks to Brandon, whom was so perfectly wonderful!! The day my mom passed we were not expecting it so I told Brandon I would just go to Farmington by myself and he could just do his thing. Well am I ever glad he insisited on going, he also sat through quite a few days of just sitting and helping keep my dad company with some cattle talk etc - it really helped I LOVE YOU BRANDON!! And a great big thanks to James who is just always there - in a good way- and does all the crap jobs no matter how hard, or gutwrenching, or whatever. James is one of my few heros and I could not live without him!!
And of coarse Glenna, she called, and answered my calls no matter what- she had gone out of town for a weekend with her siblings and yet she still made me a priority, I LOVE YOU GLENNA!!!
Tammy, Tammy, Nan, Becky,Jennifer Oliver, Stacy, and Jamie who constantly checked on me througout - Thank you all of you I am so blessed to have you!! I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU AND AM A BETTER PERSON FOR KNOWING YOU!!
once Again thank you to everyone!! I couldn't live without you, and I don't want to miss anyone because you all were so wonderful!!!