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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summers here yayy....wait what, Its allready over???????

How does 3mo just slip by you??? Oh yeahhh FARMING:)

Our good life, is good, but sometimes it over runs us!! I am just going to give the quick rundown of our summer.

TO MUCH RAIN. We are having a whole lotta trouble getting 2nd cut up, the rain which is so nice for dryland beans, is NOT so nice for alfalfa sitting in the winrow in the field.....can't have it all I suppose:)

Fair time, it always kreeps up on us DOUBLE QUICK..the boys did good, the judge didn't like there steers quite as much this year, but we made it through another summer, the boys worked hard and thats good enough for me..Besides the buyers like them!

THANK YOU ~ Keesee Motor, and Cruzan Irrigation for supporting our 4H!!!

Riley is taking a break, kids and steers were exhausted!

Ty and Redneck:)

This poor steer, it was the entertainment, this was sale day and he didn't sell so Jake and Tierah played on him ALL day, layed on him, climbed on him, he was a very good natured steer!!!
My Grandma Annie(Hannie as the grandkids all called her) Passed away..for her it was time, for the rest of us, not so much. My dad couldn't handle another day of sitting in the hospital waiting for that dreaded moment that was unnstoppable..so I took his spot. It was very hard, reminded me of my Mom, and the long hours that passed full of pain, and hope, and anxiety, and, and, and....BUT..I have to say that I am so thankful that I was blessed to be a part of that day(sounds odd I know but let me explain)...My grandparents would have been married 70 yrs this year..right I know ..WOW.. and everytime my Grandma would start to get peacefull, my Grandad would bend down and give her a kiss, and tell her "I love you Ma" she would instantly respond..not with words, but she responded. This is the life and LOVE that I can only hope and dream about!
Granmda Hannie you are missed, We love you!!!!
Summer went fast kids are starting school. My baby..Big Jake is headed to Kindergarten..aghhh his poor teacher, I should get a job there because I know she will be calling me daily anyways..No I'm not kidding!!! Riley is playing football, soley to get in shape for Wrestling, but it keeps him busy. Ty is just ready for school, he is my little bookworm, loves to learn and takes it all in!
I wish the school would understand that its still farming season, Riley is such a great help, and when he is gone we ALL feel it!!!

We did manage to squeeze out a BBQ, it was fun ~ these girls are part of what completes my life, Every girl has to have a girlfriend and I am oh so lucky enough to have quite a few really good ones!
Happy end of summer and beginning of Fall...lets hope for good weather to finish off the farm season!!